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MRO Inventory – the “Expert’s Monument to Failure”

MRO Inventory – the “Expert’s Monument to Failure”

Have the experts have failed us? Lean experts teach us to "See" the hidden
factory and all its "Waste", so why can't we see the mountains of MRO materials. And while Six Sigma efforts focus on vendor lead times or improved fill rates, why do few Black Belts apply the correct statistical analysis for setting stocking parameters. Sadly, reliability engineering efforts to predict failure and develop risk management plans have failed to stop excess investments in MRO stock.

"Expert" reality check. All experts are welcome!

Learning point takeaways:

  1. Learn to see MRO stock for what it is - "investment in failure"
  2. Why lean, six sigma, reliability, and supply chain experts have failed to delivery real MRO results
  3. Why MRO stock is supply looking for demand model, where sadly supply optimization requires failure to be more reliable than the equipment.
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