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Optimizing Maintenance Through Asset Management

Optimizing Maintenance Through Asset Management

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 44:45
by Francis Concemino and Albert VanBreukelen, Inland Empire Utilities Agency

For most maintenance managers, the impact of their department to the success of the organization depends on their understanding of the business aspect and fundamental principles of maintenance philosophy. For a long time, the maintenance department has always been perceived to exist just to fix broken assets. For most maintenance organization, this mindset has shifted the maintenance management’s focus more on repair process rather than managing the asset’s life cycle, as a whole, to increase reliability and availability. History has proved that reactive maintenance strategy is costly and often unpredictable. To gain control over the never-ending chase of equipment repair approach, maintenance managers must adapt to proactive changes that improves asset availability and reliability.

This presentation shows a Public Utility Agency’s journey from reactive to proactive strategy by implementing a comprehensive condition based maintenance program, training on modern maintenance technologies, and solid communication between the department and its stake holders.

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