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Persistence Pays: The Journey to Lubrication Excellence

Persistence Pays: The Journey to Lubrication Excellence

IMC Learning Session - 44:18
by Roger Story, Owens Corning and Helmut Von Schweinitz, Lubrication Engineers.

Lured by the promises of riches, new arrivals to this country set out on a journey some 168 years ago, in an area of California called Sutter’s Mill. Lying in the bed of the American River, the glint of gold caught the eye of James Wilson Marshall, a carpenter from New Jersey News of opportunity soon spread, bringing thousands from around the world in hopes of starting their journey to riches. The California Gold Rush had begun.

By the year 1850, the surface-laden gold had largely dissipated. Easy gains for the average independent miner had dissipated. Further gains were only achievable by the persistence of industrialization in mining. During the California Gold Rush, more than 750,000 pounds of gold was extracted from the region. Few gained riches. Most struck out and were left worse off than when they started.

The journey to Lubrication Excellence has its share of false starts, leaving a foul taste in the mouths of management and maintenance alike. Many such journeys end before they start. Others end with the completion of easy gains. With the right plan, the right people and the right timing, a persistent maintenance team can reach Lubrication Excellence!

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