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Playing the Neutral Game to Evolve Your Reliability Program

Playing the Neutral Game to Evolve Your Reliability Program

IMC-2016 Maximo Learning Zone - 37:44
by Jason Verly, Davisco Foods International

Games are played all over the world. Games are how we first learn about our world, understand rules or directions, and how to work with others. Games eventually teach us about winning, losing and risk. As reliability professional, we're often asked to pull off one big win to change their company's reliability culture at the risk of our reputation. But a company's culture is often deep rooted and resists bending or changing. To make lasting changes, you need to make small adjustments in your day to day activities. Davisco Foods is evolving our reliability program by playing the neutral game. We take a positive look at aspects of the company and the business that we can control and use those to promote and evolve our reliability goals. This session will demonstrate areas you can use in your company's neutral game and set your team towards a winning path for your reliability program.

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