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Predictive Maintenance: The Combination of Techniques and Technologies Balancing Value and Cost

IMC-2018 Learning Zone 32:41

by Matthew Fourie, Tetra Pak

In a day and age where monitoring ones industrial manufacturing equipment is simply not a choice anymore, it is imperative for the survival of the company. Not knowing when your production will be disrupted is part of legacy system that does not have a sustainable future in the arena of manufacturing as we enter the new digital age of Industry 4.0. With this new version of manufacturing that the world has entered, it would significantly contribute to the bottom line of the companies willing to become an early adopter of this new digital age. 

But many may ask, well what about the cost? What will be my Return on Investment(ROI) from investing in this new version of industry be? All very relevant questions and it would be imperative to perform a due diligence approach before blindly entering this new industry. As manufacturing enters this digital world of industry 4.0, many manufactures will be sitting on the sidelines waiting for others to make investment blunders by being swooped into the frenzy of Industrial Internet of Things(IioT). Matthew will be bringing some insight into what combination of condition monitoring techniques and technology to consider to balance value vs cost aligning to your company strategy and situation. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an industry leader in the area of packaging for the digital world.

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