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Project Maintenance Management Plan (PMMP)

Project Maintenance Management Plan (PMMP)

IMC-2017 Learning Session 41:11
by James Sadler, HQ, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Civil Works oversees and administers an asset portfolio with more than $250 billion in capital investments and over 1,500 operating projects located in all 50 states, as well as several international river basins. The portfolio continues to deliver daily benefits to almost every U.S. household that range from clean hydro-electric power and low-emission transport to recreational opportunities and flood mitigation. Reliable performance of the nation’s investment in infrastructure is essential to the asset portfolio’s ability to deliver safe and dependable service. The cornerstone of reliability is a maintenance management strategy developed to meet the organizational performance objectives.

The Project Management Maintenance Plan (PMMP) is an integral part of the USACE Maintenance Management Improvement Plan (MMIP). The PMMP identifies assets at each civil works project, establishes maintenance activities for those assets, then determines what maintenance activities are required as either a cost of ownership, to minimally operate the asset, or fully maintain the asset in compliance with suggested manufacturer’s schedules or established practices. The costs of the maintenance activities are estimated within the above categories to optimize strategic execution of limited Federal budgets. The PMMP:

  • is a site specific written maintenance management plan that completely summarizes the project’s maintenance needs.
  • compiles the annual cost of maintenance for each asset by frequency, and allows maintenance managers to regularly update assets to gauge required maintenance.
  • also identifies the desired relationship between maintenance investments and asset performance and totals the predicted investment need based on the project’s portfolio.
  • provides managers with a means to document and communicate maintenance decisions under circumstances of less than full funding.
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