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Reactive Plants Suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, and There Is a Cure

Reactive Plants Suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, and There Is a Cure

The RELIABILITY Conference - 29:56
by Michael Aroney, Allied Reliability Group

The Executive Function of the brain is a set of mental skills that helps us get things done. It occurs in the frontal lobes and allows us to manage time, pay attention, switch focus, plan and organize, remember details, and do things based on experience. Individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have lowered functioning in the frontal lobes resulting in a diminished ability to (1) organize: gather information and structure it for evaluation; and (2) regulate: take stock of the environment and changing behavior in response to it. Without some manner of response to enhancing these abilities, the results are often disorganization, inefficiency, increase in spending on lost items, increased time to complete tasks, and last minute changes in plans.

It is an amazing coincidence that the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder are also displayed in reactive plants. The diminished Executive Function, in this case, is analogous to disengaged leadership due to functional silos and fragmented communication between them, resulting in what Dr. Michael Hammer called "process fragmentation". What is also notable is that the interventions for helping someone with ADD compensate in order to lead a more proactive life are very similar to what a plant with a reactive maintenance and reliability environment would employ to move from a reactive posture of "fixing an asset after it breaks" to "fixing an asset before it breaks".

This presentation will present the parallels between ADD in humans and reactive plants and the interventions used to build proactive behaviors and results.

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