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Reliability Centered Maintenance: Spreading Successful Strategies Worldwide

Reliability Centered Maintenance: Spreading Successful Strategies Worldwide

IMC-2019 Presentation 47:42 Minutes

by Jonathan Guiney and Hugh Creasy, JLL

JLL [Jones Lang LaSalle] is an industry leader in property and integrated facility management services, providing maintenance and operational services for 4.6-billion square-feet worldwide, belonging to a broad spectrum of clientele and vertical markets. Naturally, applying a standardized strategy across all of JLL’s clients in order to deliver best-in-class service presents myriad complexities.

During this presentation, you will learn how the firm develops and delivers a world-class asset strategy management program to its clients, balancing cost, risk, and performance; how JLL leverages its power and large data lake to refine and continuously improve its program; and how the firm applies lessons learned from just one client or a single vertical across the organization, benefiting everyone.

1. Develop and deliver a world class RCM program balancing risk and cost.

2. Leverage data to drive continuous improvement and program refinement.

3. Applying those lessons learned across our portfolio of clients and industry verticals.

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