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Reliability Is Not a Destination. It’s a Continuous Journey

TRC-2018 Learning Zone 37:33

by Randy Carlisle, Airgas Merchant Gases

This presentation will explore the concept that equipment reliability is not a goal to be achieved and then pat yourself on the back and walk away. Rather it’s an ongoing process requiring continuous review, re-evaluation, and evolving maintenance strategies to ensure your maintenance program meets your changing business and equipment needs. Business models and business strategies evolve with time. Yesterday’s priorities may not be the same today. Both short-term and long-term needs must be accounted for in the maintenance strategy The most probable failure modes change over the life of the equipment and process conditions can change from year to year causing unforeseen changes in failure modes. Maintenance strategies must evolve to match the new failure modes Aging is a reality and older equipment may need a different strategy than new equipment. Overhaul doesn’t equal new and plans for equipment replacement must be added to the maintenance strategy It can take years to see the benefit of a maintenance strategy. Understanding these concepts allows maintenance changes to be proactive and have new processes in place as real word changes occur.

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