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Reliability Operators

IMC-2017 Learning Session 49:16
by Ernest Newmes, Stepan Company.

Stepan is a chemical company producing specialty and intermediate chemicals such as surfactants, polymers, and other specialty products. Stepan Company has been maturing its Reliability program by developing all roles within the company to understand their part in Reliability.

Production Operator participation in Reliability is frequently referred to as Operator Driven Reliability or Autonomous Maintenance. Operators are integrally involved in operating equipment and have a unique opportunity, when equipped with tools and knowledge, to improve Reliability. Their frequent presence and familiarity of equipment can be leveraged to recognize equipment issues earlier in the P-F interval and operate them effectively. Audio, visual, and olfactory (AVO) indications are fundamental to heading off major equipment issues. Local and remote sensors are also used to recognize issues earlier on the P-F interval. In addition to having a presence, basic knowledge of equipment operation and function is essential to operating equipment within its operating envelop. Operating by procedure reduces the human impact on operations.

The topics covered will include:

  • Overview of Operator Rounds at Stepan:
    • Development of Rounds
    • AVO
    • Sensors/Visual Aides
    • Electronic Rounds
    • Activity Feedback
  • Developing Operator Knowledge
    • New Operator Training
    • Knowledge “roadshow” for experienced operators
  • Operating by Procedure
    • Procedures that need diligence for a successful outcome
    • Development of critical procedures
    • Electronic Procedure
    • Activity Feedback
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