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Reliability Rocks Capital Projects at Mosaic: Reliability in Capital Projects

Reliability Rocks Capital Projects at Mosaic: Reliability in Capital Projects

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 39:37
by Perry Steele, Author, & Doug Plucknette, The Mosaic Company

Have you even been on the receiving end of a large capital project that fell far short of expectations? One that required weeks, months or more to reach "subpar" operation, much less the "optimized" level of operation that justified the project in the first place?

This presentation will outline how Mosaic and Allied Reliability Group improved the Capital Project Management (CPM) Process at Mosaic and then applied those improvements on a major capital project. In 2015, a leadership team with representatives from both companies worked to identify gaps in the existing CPM Process with regard to Reliability and Asset Management Best Practices.

As the Process updates were being developed, a significant capital project for Mosaic was getting underway where these practices could be employed to ensure key project goals would be met or exceeded. The project plan was updated to include the targeted reliability activities, adding additional resources where justified, in an effort to ensure the project definition and execution delivered the expected results. As the project moved forward, subject matter experts from Engineering, Operations and Maintenance were brought in, where their working knowledge and experience would help to not only improve the design but also to ensure the equipment hit the ground running.

The outcome of this project met nearly every project measure in addition to having a "vertical launch" startup in terms of delivering expected production quickly. In addition, the company-wide CPM process has been updated to include the Reliability and Asset Management Best Practices that were identified at the onset. See for yourself the power of using proven tools and methods, as the team presents a look at the process enhancements and the associated project deliverables that helped make the project successful.

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