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A Roadmap for Designing and Implementing Your CMMS System with End in Mind

A Roadmap for Designing and Implementing Your CMMS System with End in Mind

IMC-2018 Learning Zone 42:05

by Laith Alfaqih and John Fortin, Jacobs

This presentation will detail the roadmap for designing and implementing your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), considering the end in mind, based on an industry research project titled, "Advanced CMMS Integration at Airports". The research team studied and documented CMMS implementation and best practices from different industries. Based on the research findings, the research team will detail the development and implementation strategies for a CMMS and the critical decisions that an organization should consider when implementing a new CMMS or upgrading an existing system.

The following topics are discussed as part of this presentation:

• Key considerations in designing the use of a CMMS

• Choosing assets/systems to include in a CMMS

• Necessary steps to integrate the identified assets into a CMMS

• Steps to determine the critical data needed from a CMMS

• Development and utilization of KPIs, reporting, and business intelligence (BI) information (transforming data to actionable information)

• Considerations for integration of other critical airport systems into a CMMS

Maintenance divisions in general have a basic understanding of some of the major strategies they should consider relative to the organization's goals and objectives when embarking on a CMMS implementation. These goals can include staffing justification, identifying the proper level of maintenance and replacement schedules, PM to preclude asset failure, increase productivity and maintain identified levels of service, reduce risk, and the data connectivity between CMMS and other systems as part of an enterprise asset management system.

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