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Smart Machines and Equipment as a Service

Smart Machines and Equipment as a Service

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 42:20

by Timothy Fabian, Grundfos, & Saar Yoskovitz, Augury.

As machines around us become smarter, reliability engineers are expecting more from their equipment. We will lay out the major shifts we're noticing in the market, and how manufacturers are changing to fit the new world of connected devices and predictive analytics. This tectonic shift in technology enables new types of service models that reduce capex and risk on the facility side, and increases margins for the OEMs - a true win-win situation that will take the industry by storm.

Key Takeaways:

What new capabilities are enabled by advanced diagnostics and connectivity

How these new capabilities shift the risk equation towards the OEM

What this could mean for equipment ownership and maintenance

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