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Solution Award Winner - Best Connected Asset Condition Management: RDI Technologies

TRC-2020 Presentation 40:17 Minutes

by Jeff Hay, RDI Technologies

The Iris CM from RDI Technologies is the latest innovation in video-based asset condition monitoring. This tool connects traditional vibration inputs and RDI’s patented video-based vibration measurements to ensure you never miss anything in your facility. An infinite number of cameras can be networked to capture simultaneous data and offer multiple views of a process, test, or piece of machinery. Users can trigger video and data recordings based on external inputs, virtual camera-based regions of interest, process signals, and thresholds for movement. The Iris CM features live Motion Amplification® and the ability to quantify vibration, amplitude, phase, and frequency for anything visible in the recorded video. This product uniquely allows people to continuously monitor their assets, troubleshoot transient events, and visualize your assets over longer periods of time like no tool has before. Unlike traditional continuous monitoring systems, the Iris CM does not have to be permanently mounted and does not have to touch any of your equipment while broadening the area over which you monitor. With the Iris CM, you now have to ability to see what is happening on your equipment 24/7 even when you are away.

Product Benefits:

  • Increase uptime by solving the root cause
  • Easy to move and configure for portable continuous monitoring
  • Ability to visually troubleshoot and analyze transient events

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