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Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference 2017 - Session 1

Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference 2017 - Session 1

Keynote: Heavy Asset Reliability Data Management
by Buddy Lee, Facilex

Actionable asset information is a growing concern among plants that perform condition monitoring using technologies such as vibration analysis, oil condition sampling and reporting, thermography, motor current analysis and ultrasonics, among others. Reliability Data Management can help fill this information gap.

Educational Session:What's Next for Asset Condition Management (ACM)?
by Dave Reiber,

Things are changing fast. Did you ever imagine that the information age would open so many doors so quickly? Do you use some of the new tools that handle large amounts of data fast and efficiently? Are you on the fast track to improvement, or are you waiting to see what happens? This presentation covers what's next for asset condition management and what’s required.

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