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Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference April 19, 2017

Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference April 19, 2017

Original Release Date: April 19, 2017

Integrating Grease Sampling and Analysis into CBM Programs

While oil analysis is a well-established part of a condition based monitoring program, the inherent difficulties involved with in-service grease sampling and analysis have long prevented the integration of grease analysis into most CBM programs. In recent years, the development of ASTM D7718 and ASTM D7918 have overcome the sampling and analysis challenges for in-service greases and allowed a small amount of sample to be taken and tested to identify wear particles, contaminants, oxidation and grease consistency. Through the presentation of multiple case studies, this webinar will focus on grease sampling and analysis techniques in several specific industries including wind, pulp and paper and automotive robotics. In each case, we will explore how sampling challenges were solved and advanced grease analysis techniques were integrated into CBM programs.

Why Use Just a Hammer?

Many of today’s maintenance technicians are limited to what they learned in school, or by what their peers have shown them, as to how to solve maintenance solutions. Some think of all maintenance problems as a nail and grab a hammer. Tune in to this webinar and learn how ultrasound “compliments” other technologies to provide maintenance solutions.

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