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Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference July 12, 2017

Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference July 12, 2017

Increase Profitability Through More Effective Inventory Management
by Scott Keough and Dwight Gibbs, Contraqer

Topics covered:

-Initial problems they were trying to solve

-Re-launching CMMS

-Inventory management and automated replenishment --RFQs/POs as the key

-Integration success

-Deployment and use success

-Reduction in spend

-Plans for expansion to operations and shipping

Photographs and Good Maintenance Practices
by Joel Levitt,

“A picture is worth a thousand words and a great picture is worth a thousand pictures.” Documentation and communication using photographs in maintenance has changed dramatically in the last few years. Pictures are replacing words or sketches. The technology of the smart phone can make the pictures as clear and as useful as last generation’s top cameras. Some phones boast pixel density rivaling expensive cameras.

Almost no one in maintenance has training in taking great pictures for maintenance purposes. There is a group who take pictures for some of the similar reasons. This group has trainings, protocols, and well thought through techniques. This group has been made famous by popular TV. They are the CSIs (Crime Scene Investigators).

The three key concepts needed for coherent pictures (context is the story being told, point of view called POV is where the story is being told from, and acuity is what we are looking at or focused on) will be described and modeled.


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