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Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference November 1, 2017

WIRAM Series: Implementing the 5 Rs to Build a World-Class Lubrication Program
by Johanna Valera, Inter Pipeline

n this informative Educational Session, Johanna Valera outlines the steps to success her company took toward implementing a lubrication program. A big part of that implementation involved the Five Rights of Lubrication (5Rs). Watch as Johanna breaks down each one and shows her journey to continuous improvement.

Educational Session: Do You Follow a Framework for Asset Condition Monitoring?
by Dave Reiber, Reliabilityweb.com 

Why use the Uptime Elements Framework? Because it works! Problem: At large corporations and organizations, the toughest thing to accomplish is to get everyone, from all departments, onboard and headed in a single direction.

The Uptime Elements Framework is an easy to follow roadmap that all departments can follow. Each department, or site, can easily relate their value stream to at least one of the elements. Usually several elements can be aligned with the goals and objectives of the company, as well as the responsibilities of each group. 

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