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Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference- Session 10

Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference- Session 10

Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference - Session 10 - 54:18
RAP Talk: 10 Rights Of Asset Management by Ramesh Gulati, Author
Educational Session: MRO Spares by Terry Wireman, Author

10 Rights Of Asset Management
Are you realizing maximum value from your assets? Do you know how much it cost to operate and maintain these assets? Did you ensure that these assets were designed in with reliability, maintainability- maintenance and sustainability in mind? Do you have right processes established to ensure assets are specified, designed, procured, build, installed/commissioned, operated, maintained, improved, disposed and managed rightly to reduce total cost of ownership?
This session will discuss some of these questions interactively and what we need to do to make our processes robust by application of 10 RIGHTS.

MRO Spares
This educational session will examine the typical problems with MRO spares and the materials related productivity delays and wastes they create for the maintenance workforce. It will also provide some suggestions on how to eliminate these delays and the possible saving that can be realized.

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