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Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference - Session 2

Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference - Session 2

Where Do We Start Our Improvement Program:
It’s a long standing problem. My flippant answer is often “Just start with the basic stuff, and don’t’ stop.” A more considered answer is provided in this presentation, wherein we use a form of process mapping to identify the biggest opportunities that are the easiest to address to get our program started, and then build on that. The analysis process itself uses failure modes and effect analysis (FMEA), but applies those principles on a business system or production line, rather than a machine, hence the name, Business Level FMEA. Using this technique, a functional failure is defined as anything that results in a loss of production capability, or extraordinary costs. Cross-functional teams move through the production process from one end to the other, analyzing those issues that are causing these kinds of problems, their frequency and consequence. Following this, they use a simple decision making model to determine priorities for the work they’ve identified. A simple “A3” is created for each improvement, leaders are chosen, assignments are made, and sponsors are engaged. And you’ve started your improvement program.

RCM Project Manager's Guide:
The presentation is split into two parts - the how to develop and conduct an auditing program and the reasons for doing so. A free, simple auditing tool will be provided as a take-away from this presentation.

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