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Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference - Session 5

Solutions 2.0 Virtual Conference - Session 5

RAP Talk: Failure Analysis Made Simple
by Neville W. Sachs, P.E, Author

This presentation begins with a brief review of the physical, human and management causes of failures, with examples of several common management weaknesses. This is followed by discussion on the significance of corrosion in causing physical failures and then a series of guides for the diagnosis of overload and fatigue failures.

Educational Session: Ultrasound For Electrical
by Jim Hall, Executive Director of The Ultrasound Institute

Todays ultrasound instrument has given the end-user the abilities to identify electrical anomalies such as arcing, tracking and corona discharge.

The instruments are more engaged in the inspection. Through the use of waveform analysis (fft/time wave) electrical anomalies can not only be heard but defined before other technologies such as infrared or corona cameras.

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