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Solutions Virtual Conference- Session 13

Solutions Virtual Conference -Session 13 - 102:17
RAP Talk: Lasting Change – A Cultural Revolution for Reliability by Robert Bishop 
Educational Session: What if Machines Could Run Forever? by Jarrod Potteiger

Lasting Change – A Cultural Revolution for Reliability
Many reliability initiatives fail to achieve lasting and meaningful change. This presentation will evaluate the ways in which one reliability initiative was able to create change that it hopes will be stronger, more impactful and longer lasting than previous efforts.

What if Machines Could Run Forever?
What if machines could run forever? Well they can, at least theoretically. Studies show that the most common cause of machine failure is something we already knew. They wear out, and most of that wear is caused by dirt in the oil which can be controlled. In this session we will reveal how precision lubrication tactics can essentially allow machines to run forever, or at least a very long time.

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