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Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 15

Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 15

RAP Talk: Your Workers Are Mobile. Why Isn't Your CMMS? by Jason VenHuizen, Interloc Solutions
Educational Session: Measuring System Reliability by Bill Keeter, BK Reliability

Your Workers Are Mobile. Why Isn't Your CMMS? 
From saving up to 42 mins of wrench time/day/worker to accurate and secure data to improved customer service - mobilizing your CMMS provides many tangible benefits. Join Jason Venhuizen, EVP Products and Technology, Interloc Solutions for a discussion of why mobility matters for maintenance companies and how to best implement mobility that works. 

Measuring System Reliability 
Many organizations use Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) to determine whether or not their equipment is reliability. In this Rap we will discuss the drawbacks to using MTBF and suggest a better method that you can use to understand whether or not reliability is improving, and help you predict when the next system failure is likely to occur

“R.A.I.” the Reliability.aiTMChatbot

You can ask "R.A.I." anything about maintenance, reliability, and asset management.

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