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Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 16

Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 16

Reliability Centered Asset Management by Richard Overman
Is Your Steam Trap Surveyor Knowledgeable? by Bill Holub

Reliability Centered Asset Management
It's time to consider the benefits of applying a reliability centered approach to any type of asset such as human assets, financial assets, and more. This RAP Talk relates the equipment asset life-cycle to the human asset life-cycle and demonstrates how a reliability centered approach enhances the ability to meet corporate functions.

Is Your Steam Trap Surveyor Knowledgeable?
Most facilities conduct an annual steam trap survey. Does your surveyor know how each of the five trap types function? If not, then the trap condition results can be inaccurate. Does your survey report include trap orifice sizes? If not, then the annual steam loss and ROI calculations are a best guess. 

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