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Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 21

RAP Talk: Lubrication, Getting Back to Basics
by William Correll, Director of Business Development, Generation Systems, Inc.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT) first reported that the US was losing about $240 Billion dollars a year due to improper lubrication 20 years ago. At that time, it was estimated that 54% of failures were due to improper lubrication. According to Lubrication Technology’s, Ken Bannister, 70% is the current rate of reported failures. The current loss now is estimated to be $1 Trillion. This webinar will try and trace the roots of the problem and offer potential solutions.

Educational Session: Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Made Simple
by Susan Lubell, Steppe Consulting Inc.

Many staff are so busy fixing problems that they never get the chance to prevent them. In a reactive work environment, there is simply no time to spare. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) provides a structured approach to evaluate and prevent equipment failures and production loss. It enables safer workplaces by reducing the number of unexpected failures while improving business performance by increasing facility throughput and reducing the $ spent on repairs – straight to the bottom line.

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