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Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 23

Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 23

RAP Talk: ROI for Managers
by John Reeve, TRM (Total Resource Management)

When organizations wonder why the CMMS contains poor failure data, lacks analytical capabilities and is devoid of any form of failure analysis process, it is because the implementation team assumed the software itself would magically assemble meaningful data to identify worst offenders.

Educational Session: Making Sense of Ultrasound Data – Interpreting Condition Indicators
by Allan Rienstra, SDT International

Ultrasound continues to evolve as a condition monitoring technology. Improvements to measurement accuracy and data feedback enhances the technology’s ability to spot machine defects early. Beyond the single decibel, however, not everyone understands ultrasound data. This presentation uses real life examples of bearing defect conditions to show how ultrasound not only spots defects early, but provides insight about the type of defect and which maintenance action should be taken to prevent failure.

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