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Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 28

Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 28

RAP Talk: Truth in Adoption: Predictive Maintenance Crossing the IIoT ChasmBurt Hurlock
by Burt Hurlock, Azima DLI

Proponents of IIoT often say predictive maintenance is ripe for digital transformation because today's point solutions can't scale. They often leap to the potential of machine learning and visions of closed-loop, self-diagnosing machines. What does the path for digital transformation of PdM look like, and where is the line between hype and reality?

Educational Session: How Asset Condition Monitoring (ACM) Will Play a Vital Role in the Internet of ThingsDave Reiber

by Dave Reiber, Reliabilityweb.com

The Internet of Things (IOT) is getting a lot of attention in Maintenance and Reliability discussions. The asset Condition Management (ACM) elements are a vital piece of getting all of the equipment data, in order to make better, faster business decisions around throughput and quality.

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