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Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 32

IoT Series: Now What? Life After ISO 55001 Certification
by Amy Lindblom, Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Achieving ISO 55001 certification for your asset management system is a great accomplishment...and it’s the beginning of a long journey of continual improvement. In this presentation, we’ll cover some of the things PG&E is working to improve since achieving ISO 55001 certification in 2014.

Educational Session: Understanding Lubricants - Additive Technologies in a Nutshell
by Rüdiger Krethe, OilDoc

Lubricant costs are almost less than 1% of TCO. But costs of poor lubrication can be up to 100 times higher: damaged machines, unscheduled downtime, costly repairs, energy losses. Lubricants today are no straight oils but consist of base oils and additives. Without additives, it is impossible to meet the requirements of modern machines! In this presentation, you will get an overview on the most important additives: anti-oxidants, dispersants, neutralizers, VI improver, corrosion protection, anti-foaming, and more.

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