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Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 33

Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 33

Keynote: Pervasive and Costly Lubrication Misunderstandings

by Heinz Bloch, Consulting Engineer/Author

With a few exceptions, all rotating equipment requires lubrication. Regrettably, though, in-depth lubrication know-how is on the decline; few institutions of higher learning see fit to teach the subject. This webinar explains smart lubrication that’s (a) central to best-in-class performers and (b) why some facilities are slipping behind.

Educational Session: What RCA Methodology for What Types of Problem?

by Donna O’Leary, Cothink Academy

In a fast changing world with ever more complex production processes and systems, people working in operations and maintenance have to deal with ever more complex problems. In this presentation, you will see how to use the Event Mapping tool for overall management of complex problem solving activities. Plus, 3 associated tools—5 step problem analysis, characteristics & changes, human factor analysis—to efficiently hone in on root causes.

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