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Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 36

Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 36

WIRAM Series: Creating an Asset Management Culture
by Claire Gowson, Consultant, eAsset Management

Businesses spend a significant amount of time and effort focusing asset management improvements on data and technology. Although IT systems, equipment and information are critical for good decision-making, it is the less tangible culture and attitude of the people responsible for asset management choices that can have the biggest impact. This webinar examines what a good asset management culture looks like and suggests practical ways of developing business culture to support asset management.

Educational Session: 18 Minutes to Great Meetings - Guaranteed!
by Joel Levitt, Director of Projects (RLI), Reliabilityweb.com

Meetings that are powerful, to the point, and energizing. Sound like a fantasy? Possibly! But let’s spend 18 minutes and work together to upgrade how they are set up, what goes on, how we prepare, and how we preserve the good work done. Meetings are with us (whether we love them or hate them). Stop complaining and start improving now. This work is based on the upcoming book, "10 Minutes a Week to Great Meetings" (second edition).

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