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Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 6

Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 6

RAP Talk: Visual Management
by Mary Jo Cherney, Author

If you close your eyes and are asked to visualize the Eiffel Tower, can you? What about the Sphinx? Or the Great Pyramid? Most human beings who have seen pictures of these icons can visualize them due to the power of the human brain. The human brain can imprint these visions, even if the person has just seen them in a picture book. According to a U.S. federal government study, approximately eighty-three percent of human learning occurs through visuals. Additionally, information that is communicated visually is retained six times greater than information that is conveyed by oral communication alone.

Educational Session: Operations-Led Reliability: The Role of the Operator
by Ron Moore, Author

Too often reliability efforts are primarily focused on maintenance, only to be subverted by poor practices in design, procurement and operations. This presentation will explore how we achieve reliability and operational excellence, and specifically the role of operators in assuring reliability, and will include a model for developing operator care tasks.

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