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Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 8

Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 8

RAP Talk: Secrets of Success with Procedures by Jack Nicholas
Educational Session: Planning & Scheduling 101 by Larry Olson

Secrets of Success with Processes and Procedures-
Jack Nicholas summarizes key elements of his book Secrets of Success With Procedures in order to stress often overlooked processes and procedures that address their management. In particular, the relationship between policies, processes, plans, procedures and work instructions will be illustrated. In addition, how situations where procedures aren’t followed and lead to problems should be handled. Case studies from the text and other sources will be presented to emphasize important lessons that were learned, sometimes in very difficult and important ways.

Planning and Scheduling 101-
Learn the basics of the P&S process steps and tasks required to get started. This journey will to you from context to content and closing out with outcome measures. All in the spirit of Quality, Efficiency and Effectiveness of the maintenance department.

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