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Solutions Virtual Conference - Session 9

RAP Talk: The 6 Essential Lessons from People: A Reliability Success Story by Cliff Williams
Education Session: Ultrasound for Bearings by Jim Hall

The 6 Essential Lessons from People: A Reliability Success Story
Bob Edwards inherited a totally reactive maintenance group and he’d been asked to make the plant more reliable. Learn his story as he moves towards World Class, using the best tools available to him – people. In this presentation, you will learn how empowering and engaging garners the collective strength and how listening becomes a key skill.

Ultrasound for Bearings
Ultrasound can be a stand-alone technology for bearing inspections and/or a complimentary technology to vibration or other technologies. Besides using ultrasound for condition based monitoring of motor bearings, ultrasound for acoustic lubrication is widely accepted as well.

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