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Start-Up Process for CBM

IMC-2019 Presentation 38:41 Minutes

by Sergio Rossi, RP4M

Even though CBM technologies have been around for over 30 years, it is still very challenging to generate a ROI for owners who invested in them. This leads to frustration for both, factory and C-suite, and a negative reputation for CBM. You may hear owners say: “We already tried them and didn’t work.” As consequence, they do not want to try again.

While manufacturing is very familiar with processes to maintain the best product quality, the same cannot be said about processes for maintenance to ensure that CBM technologies are adequately introduced and sustained forever. One of the biggest opportunities for maintenance departments interested in using CBM technologies for predicting failures is the way CBM is introduced at the factory and at the C-suite. This presentation introduces a startup process by addressing three of the key elements for CBM to succeed. The human performance aspect of CBM that includes leadership, management and engineering, profits and losses, and the third element is the existing environs. Understanding their importance and how to introduce them at the factory and the C-Suite is a key factor for the success of CBM.

  • Learn about human performance
  • How to justify CBM/PdM profits and losses
  • How to understand the current environs
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