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Stop Pushing on the Front of the Ship: Discover Trim Tabs

Stop Pushing on the Front of the Ship: Discover Trim Tabs

MaximoWorld 2017 Keynote - 40:15
by Terrence O'Hanlon, CEO/Publisher, and Uptime Magazine

As the large ocean liner cuts through the ocean, it would be almost impossible to turn the ship by pushing on the bow or the front of the ship. Even turning the rudder requires enormous effort. Learn to discover the Trim Tabs available in most organizations to create a more natural directional effort. One of my heroes, and innovative thought leader, Buckminster Fuller said, "The truth is that you get the low pressure to do things, rather than getting on the other side and trying to push the bow of the ship around against the high pressure. You build that low pressure by getting rid of a little nonsense, getting rid of things that don’t work and aren’t true until you start to get that trim-tab motion."

Join Terrence O'Hanlon for a vibrant and energetic keynote address designed to discover the Trim Tabs in your organization.

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