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TRC-2020 Presentation 48:18 Minutes

by Mirtunjay Kumar Soni and Kshitij Verma, Reliance Industries

Reliable operations of assets in a refinery or a petrochemical process plant is a critical deliverable for safe and profitable business. Many modern refineries and petrochemical facilities are large in size and also high in integration and complexity. This adds another challenge for reliability assurance engineers. Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) operates a very large facility with approximately 1.5 million tagged assets. Asset management needs to be structured differently and there is a constant demand for improving performance.

The maintenance strategies practiced at RIL facility is a mix of conventional and state-of-art methods depending on asset criticality.

  • Preventive (PM) approach based on OEM guidelines, best practices, LFI’s
  • Predictive approach (PdM) based on off-line/real-time analytics
  • Proactive approach by way of root cause analysis (RCA)

A more recent diagnostic approach is to do a bad actor analysis based on asset quotient. The mix of all generations of maintenance strategies helps to sustain reliability in a cost optimized way.

The entire reliability is a function of asset management which depends on the data generated by equipment during its operation and how this data is understood, communicated and analyzed. This helps in constantly updating the asset criticality analysis (ACA) for VED identification, which in turn, drives the maintenance strategies.

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