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Strengthening the Fundamentals: CNS Y-12’s Journey to Asset Reliability Excellence

Strengthening the Fundamentals: CNS Y-12’s Journey to Asset Reliability Excellence

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 32:02
by Paul Durko, ARMS Reliability, & Jason Ballentine, Consolidated Nuclear Security (CNS) Y-12

Many organizations are faced with trying to develop, document, and execute optimized maintenance strategies for their assets with limited resources. But imagine if this challenge was compounded by constant turnover of leadership, aged assets, and one other small thing – the maintenance budget had to be signed off by the President of the United States.

CNS Y-12, a government entity that maintains the U.S. nuclear stockpile, has certainly had its challenges breaking free from reactive maintenance mode. When it came time to commence a maintenance strategy optimization project it was important for them to do it as effectively and efficiently as possible.

This presentation covers the approach that CNS Y-12 chose to follow to review their strategy, identify gaps, and develop optimized maintenance strategies that can be immediately implemented and easily deployed to their CMMS for execution.

CNS Y-12 is now shifting from a reactive, as-needed maintenance plan to a proactive plan with strategies that will be applicable to all existing and future managed facilities. They can now meet their goal of controlling their assets verses the assets controlling their behavior. Other results include increased safety, decrease risk of unplanned events, efficiency gains, and an improvement in KPIs around maintenance and reliability metrics. CNS Y-12 will also be able to create a maintenance budget that is justified with a sound reliability foundation to present to the United States Government and show the risk/benefit of any additional funding.

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