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Test Case for Solving the Question of Why Execution Fails

Test Case for Solving the Question of Why Execution Fails

IMC-2018 Learning Zone 36:48

by David Kraft, Manny Leon and Joanne Principe, MTA Bridges and Tunnels

For two years in trying to implement our Enterprise Asset Management program, we have struggled to move initiatives forward. Things that seem common sense simply don't happen. Therefore this year our EAM team at MTA Bridges and Tunnels has tried a different approach to this initiative. The strategy involved running a typical project management program (i.e. design, build, implement) in parallel with a change management program (i.e. awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, reinforcement). In our line of business, a lot of focus is placed on project management concerning budget and schedule, but not a lot of emphasis and value is placed on the people side of change. Based on change management training received from Prosci, we explored a new methodology that promises to improve the success rate of project objectives by 90+ percent. We rolled out the training to the executive team (sponsor training), to managers (how to manage change), and project team members (delivering project results using change management). Also, the designated participants were from every functional team within the organization. After completing the training, we jumped into the project with a focus on running the Project Management in parallel with the Change Management; immediately applying the lessons learned in the change management training to an actual project. This presentation will focus on the positives and lessons learned in attempting to run project management in parallel with change management. It also will detail the business objectives of the project and show which of these goals were met and those that were not successfully attained with possible reasoning as to why for each scenario.

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