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The 5 Enemies of a Successful EAM Project and How Starbucks ROASTed Them with PRIDE

IMC-2019 Focused Forum 48:51 Minutes

by James Rogers, Advoco and Tami Ryley, Starbucks

Starbucks Manufacturing includes six roasting plants. Like most manufacturing operations there are formal missions and metrics for manufacturing, quality, safety and environmental compliance. At a Maintenance Summit, the Starbucks operations leadership team was asked, ‘How can you achieve one of these missions – let alone all four – without safe, reliable equipment?’ The short (and unanimous) answer was they could not, so we – Tami Ryley with Starbucks and James Rogers with Advoco – asked and stated, ‘Then where is our maintenance mission? After all, safe, reliable equipment is the deliverable of our maintenance organization.' This recognition and the writing of our maintenance mission, ROAST with PRIDE, was the catalyst needed for maintenance improvement.

Goals include:

• Define a reliable plant and need for maintenance to achieve it

• Demonstrate how to tie an organization’s investment into an asset management system to specific, measurable maintenance improvement

• Emphasize the necessity for a maintenance mission to not only tie in with operations success, but also serve as a culture change catalyst for the maintenance organization

Content includes:

• 5 Enemies of a Successful EAM Project

• Introduction to Starbucks Manufacturing

• How each Enemy was addressed with Quantifiable Results

• ROAST with PRIDE Mission Statement

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