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The Dark Factory

The Dark Factory

IMC-2018 Keynote

by Paul Hofmann, Accenture

Are degraded assets and obsolete technologies across your corporation resulting in a loss of market share? Are you struggling to attract and retain a younger workforce? Have you invested millions in data management but yet to create any real value? Join us for an augmented reality (AR)-supported presentation to demonstrate the vision of the Digital Enterprise.

We'll talk about 4 digital trends and bring them to life with real world examples. 1. Citizen AI 2. How to make good choices using tools that are continuously learning in an adaptive way, enabling self-healing systems. 3. Extended reality

We'll see an example of a digital twin supporting optimal maintenance decisions on a virtual plant, allowing for visual processing away from Excel.

Data veracity - How can we be sure to trust the data? - Is there a universal data pedigree? - Internet of Thinking - How can we make assets intelligent?

We'll view the maturity curve for AI/ML with real world examples of how to progress from rules and predictive maintenance to continuous learning and prescription.

We'll show a "recipe" of how to progress to self-healing machines where software controls the overall production process.

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