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The Evolution of Proactive and Condition Based Maintenance: Get More Out of Your Data

The RELIABILITY Conference Learning Session - 40:54 
by Frederic Baudart, Fluke Corporation

How maintenance teams are using tiered maintenance, wireless tools and IIoT data management to get around the barriers to predictive maintenance implementation.

The combination of tiered maintenance, wireless tools/sensors and integrated technician/manager data management is allowing teams to move past long-standing barriers to predictive maintenance implementation. By reducing the level of difficulty and therefore the perceived degree of change and hardship, these techniques allow teams to implement a scaled approach to reliability, reflective of available resources and priorities. This paper evaluates how tiered maintenance is being applied and where it’s successful; examines the role that ease-of-use and automatic data capture plays regarding wireless thermal, vibration and electrical test tools and sensors; and assesses the workflows between technician and manager, with IIoT-facilitated data management and communication at the core.

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