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The Intersection of MRO & Reliability

The Intersection of MRO & Reliability

The RELIABILITY Conference Work Management Forum - 36:05  
by Missy Decker, Vice President, Solution Design, SDI, Inc.

The intersection of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) with reliability is not product related; it’s process related. MRO is a critical element in the Work Execution domain of the Uptime Elements framework, designed to create a culture of reliability. It’s impossible to ensure operational and maintainable reliability without a reliable MRO process. Certified Reliability Leader and Vice President of Solution Design at SDI, Missy Decker, talks about the difference between the typical approach to MRO and Reliability-Centered MRO. She takes the audience through how reliable MRO directly impacts reliable maintenance by reducing costs, increasing equipment throughput and improving customer satisfaction through quality and on-time delivery of product.

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