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The Maximo Transformation: Boliden Tara Mine’s Path to World-Class Asset Management

MaximoWorld-2018 Cloud Summit - 45:26

by Philip Sage, ARMS Reliability

Industrial maintenance has evolved from simple repair when it breaks to amazing predictable strategies. With these come the need of handling more data to enable better decision making and effective work management. But along the way we tend to forget who would feed this data into our sophisticated enterprise asset management (EAM): People. 

Any enterprise asset management system is like a race horse. It could help us to win the race but only if it is well fed, cared for, groomed and trained properly; all these actions are done by people who need to understand how their functions are vital for the health of the horse and for the ultimate goal of winning the race. In asset management, people are very complicated assets usually performing complex activities, all as part of a bigger picture. EAM systems are just tools that relays on human reliability to perform as intended; therefore, people should always be priority number one when implementing or using amazing tools like Maximo and others. This presentation will explore the evolution of “CMMS” and how human reliability is a key component for the success in the implementation and use of any software solution for EAM.

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