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IMC-2018 Learning Session 31:20

by Chris Harrington, ARMS Reliability

The integration of Reliability into the project process is referred to as‚ "Reliability Centered Front-End Loading". This presentation will introduce how including Reliability elements into the traditional gated project process enables,"Vertical Launch"‚ the concept producing prime, salable product or functionality at startup. This strategy goes beyond Reliability Centered Design and yields a step change project improvement by integrating state-of-the-art system commissioning, reliability engineering, energy management practices, and advanced engineering diagnostic technologies. It is aimed at reducing energy cost, improving system reliability and maintainability, lowering the total cost of ownership, and ultimately, protecting capital investments. Projects that are delivered on time and on budget and processes that operate reliably result in the lowest through life cost of ownership to the facility. Reliability Centered Front-End Loading can help you achieve this.

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