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Thoughts on Culture Change

Thoughts on Culture Change

RAP Talk from The RELIABILITY Conference - 12:17 
by George Siminoff, The Wonderful Company

To gain critical mass for implementing change incorporates people from all areas and levels of the organization - not just one department. As a matter of statistics and utilizing the Early Adopter concept, only a certain percentage of folks from each department will be early adopters that jump on board and instantly buy into the concepts of what good looks like. The challenge is to set a strategy that involves a large enough base from within the facility (plant, etc.) that the number of early adopters is high enough to keep momentum building until critical mass is reached.

Selecting the right implementation approach that involves/touches the maximum number of people increase the chance of success. A good communication strategy is also part of this recipe for success.

In this presentation, the author gives his thoughts about the Early Adopter curve, communication and how to consider these concepts when creating a strategy for reliability implementation.

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