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Three Steps to Drive Reliability While Preparing for IIoT

Three Steps to Drive Reliability While Preparing for IIoT

IMC-2017 Learning Session - 33:38
by Will Goetz, Emerson

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) will bring many benefits as it evolves and advances in the coming years. But today many companies worry about their readiness and feel overwhelmed thinking about the expense of preparations, particularly those organizations that are still moving from reactive and preventive to predictive maintenance (PdM). Now they are hearing about prescriptive maintenance — where analytics indicate that a piece of equipment is headed for trouble, and can prescribe prioritized, pre-determined, expert-driven mitigations or repairs.

These ideas can be overwhelming, but in this case, as in most cases, planning rather than worry saves the day. Also, rather than attempting a heroic leap from reactive to prescriptive maintenance, reliability organizations and companies can perform many activities today to prepare for the IIoT and for prescriptive maintenance while simultaneously finding immediate reductions in maintenance costs and increased availability.

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