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Time Waveform Analysis: A Whole New Insight Into Your Machine’s Health

Webinar - 1:22:50
By Jason Tranter, Mobius Institute

Way too many vibration analysts believe that spectrum analysis alone is enough to determine the nature and severity of a machine's condition. Those same analysts often believe that time waveforms are too complicated and do not provide useful information. Other's still believe it takes too much time to collect and analyze time waveforms. Whether you believe any of this, or you just want to master time waveform analysis, this highly animated presentation is for you!
Learning Points

  1. What information is lost when the waveform is transformed into a spectrum - and why you should care.
  2. How to collect the time waveform so that you capture the key information.
  3. How to analyze it correctly; either as a raw waveform, or via autocorrelation or circle plots.
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