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IMC-2018 Learning Session 38:45

by Saul Cizek

Asset management and maintenance technologies have become mainstream ideas in a world of precious resources. Rapid population expansion strains these resources and amplifies our dependency on the solutions asset management professionals contribute to infrastructure reliability. Water is the essence of life and our planet's water supply is in crisis. While these ideas and solutions apply to any industry, there is currently none more pressing than water reclamation, treatment, distribution, and conservation. Water industries embrace many asset condition management technologies to anticipate potential failures. One of the most effective techniques is ultrasound monitoring. A versatile technology, water/wastewater industries use ultrasound to find defects such as bearing failures, electrical faults, blocked steam traps, compressed air leaks, and poor machinery lubrication. This presentation introduces the basics of ultrasound testing with a specific focus for water industries. An overview of key applications is supported with real-world examples from Saul Cizek, an industry expert owning many decades of field experience. This presentation accentuates the urgency for any industry lagging the trend to get with the times.

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