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Understanding Failure

IMC-2018 Learning Zone 44:53

by Alejandro Erives, Stepan Company

For decades, businesses and plants have been using KPI‚'s, dashboards, and score cards to benchmark and judge past performance (lagging KPI's) and predict future trends (leading KPI's). In this age of Big Data, the Industrial Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence the impact of the individual contributor, be it a technician‚ an engineer, manager‚ or executive, may seem to be shrinking. However, it is in this era of big data, that little data (assisted with an understanding of context) may prove to offer big insights. In this presentation, we will walk through a few examples of how pump failure data from your CMMS can be used to better understand your rotating equipment bad actors' failure modes, visualizing reliability improvements, and reviewing some plant-wide reliability metrics. We will show that in many cases, this insight can be provided by an analysis of relatively little bits of data, much of which, we are already collecting. How we invest our capital and how we make decisions needs to be driven by our understanding of this data.

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