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Uptime Award Winner - Best Asset Management Program: Central Contra Costa Sanitary District

Uptime Award Winner - Best Asset Management Program: Central Contra Costa Sanitary District

IMC-2020 Presentation 48:35 Minutes

by Neil Meyer and Clint Shima, Central San

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (Central San) is an organization providing wastewater collection and treatment services for nearly 500,000 residents and 3,000 businesses in Contra Costa County. Central San's main facility is a treatment plant in Martinez, CA, processing an average of 35 million gallons per day of municipal wastewater and providing up to 3 million gallons per day of recycled water to several businesses in the community.

Central San started its reliability journey in 2014 with the creation of an Asset Management Plan and Asset Management Steering committee, and a subsequent development of an Asset Management Policy and a comprehensive Strategic Plan. Our success depended on strategically planning and coordinating our activities, so the Uptime® Elements framework, Effective Utility Management (EUM) guidelines, and the EPA's 10-step Asset Management process along with key partnerships in the organization were all part of our strategic plan goals and objectives. Through coordination with Engineering, Purchasing, HR, and several other areas of the business, plant maintenance was able to advance by implementing industry-leading programs in asset condition management, work execution management, leadership, and asset management. Building upon our successes, an increased focus was placed on improving elements such as asset knowledge, asset lifecycle management, decision making, performance indicators and continuous improvement.

Asset Handover: Improved asset handoff protocol workflow including specifications for the required standards expected from contractors

Condition Assessment in Capital Project Decisions: Performed data collection, condition assessment, testing, business case evaluations, and pre-design on critical assets and systems

Strategic Framework for Maintenance Program: Defect Elimination (DE), Planned Maintenance Optimization (PMO), and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) continuous improvement process

Asset Condition Monitoring Program: Continued development of oil analysis and lubrication, vibration, thermographic, laser alignment, ultrasonic, and cathodic protection survey programs

Operations/Warehouse/Maintenance involvement in Capital Projects: Multi-disciplinary staff engagement during, planning, design, and construction phases of Central San's capital projects

Staff Development and Certification: Increased access and availability of asset information and documentation, expanded internship program, added opportunities for external certifications

Planning and Scheduling: Employed new methodologies to forecast shop availability and sort through a work order backlog

Spare Parts Management: New spare parts management tool allows maintenance staff to access spare parts prior to beginning maintenance work

CMMS and GDI (GIS system): Increased monitoring and reporting functionality of attributes for performing risk analysis and streamline access to data and documents from various database and software systems

Disaster Preparedness Efforts: Implemented protocol for power shutoff events and acquired power generation and refueling equipment for pumping station facilities

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